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Posted by Ridiux on Mar 16th 07

Temporary Post (Temporary Notice)
Right now the website is undergoing some code changes, which is throwing a lot of things off (especially in IE). This is being to improve the overall validity and structure of the html/php coding. Not sure how long this will take, but it's been working on as much as possible right now. Things will look a little off on some pages but it will be fixed asap. For now, it is recommended that you use Mozilla Firefox for best viewing results. storagecontainersfairfieldca.com

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Posted by Ridiux on Feb 21st 07

50 Beta Testers Added (Game News)
Here we go, as said by Binky: "Greetings all, I am about to send Beta invites to 50 additional people from the Core Group 2 list. These 50 have been taken at random and we hope to keep adding additional people each week. I will keep you updated. Be sure to check your email."

Looks like things are finally starting to move along. This is great news! And congratulations to all those who received invitational emails.

Posted by Ridiux on Feb 11th 07

Upload Center (Site Update)
Just released for this website is the Upload Center! There guests can upload any of their game information to be added to the databases (provided that the entries do not yet exist, which the user can check before he/she makes an upload). The forms should be easy to be use, and may be slightly buggy right now, so if you want, you can go ahead and test them if you wish, and report any errors you may come across. Keep in mind that in the future if you wish to help out this website indirectly, this is one way of doing so - and credit is given were credit is due. No entries will be added without giving credit to the author. That's all for now, enjoy!

Posted by Ridiux on Feb 9th 07

New Preview Released (Game News)
A German website called "Games Dynamite" released a preview of Gods and Heroes a few days ago! Perpetual has the translated version of the preview on their website. To view it, click on the link located at the bottom of this post. On the Ultimate Source side of things, a links section has been added to the community subsection of the website. If you want to add your fansite, just fill out the easy, submit it, and you're done!
Translated Preview

Posted by Ridiux on Feb 3rd 07

Small Updates (Site Update)
It's been slow going lately. It's kind of hard to find content to update when there isn't much to provide this early in. As for the minor updates: the database has been changed slightly (only effective in the monster database currently) - but viewing should be much more pleasant now. Also the forums[/size] have a few new sections added pertaining to guilds and tribes of this game - so it's a good place to get started. I also hope you like the slightly modified look - a few things we changed, but the overall look is pretty much the same. That's about it for now, any feedback on anything in general is welcome.

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